Welcome to my marine aquarium blog

Blog ended in July 2009

The tank was up and running from July 2007 to July 2009 when I had to empty it due to a change of apartements. Future projects will have their own blogs. This was my first saltwater aquarium, and it was a fantastic learning experience. I feel I now have a great base to build on for future projects. I am sure there will be more projects, but I can't promise when they will come.





About the tank

  • 1000 liters. Self built composite with glass only in front.
  • Sump 100 liters
  • Skimmer Deltec APF600
  • Ozone generator Sander Certizon C100
  • Light - 6x54W T5 tubes
  • Chiller Teco TR20, 480 Watts engine
  • Return pump Eheim 1262
  • 6 internal ph with wave motion

The plan is to keep macro algae, filter feeders, live sand, fish, shrimps etc native to my region, the north east Atlantic.

I am located in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. The Gulf Stream, originating in the Gulf of Mexico, passes by the coast here after having crossed the North Atlantic. It brings warm water changing the climate of this region from subartic to temperate. It also causes an upwelling that makes the ocean nutrient rich. The result is a very fascinating underwater environment.

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